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Apr 30, 2013 5:30am PDT
. to understand options are dwindling. >> now, new voices are adding to pressure for the obama administration to do something about indefinite detention and ongoing hunkers strike. the chairman of the senate select intelligence committee has called on the white house to advise. whether there are suitable places to continue to hold or resettle the detainees cleared for release. in a letter to defense secretary check hegel, the largest doctors group denounced for speeding. -- defense secretary chuck hagel. detainees launched a hunger strike in february over what they say were envious of searches of their cells and mishandling of the iran. the military denied the charges. -- mishandling of the koran. human-rights groups say it is long past time for the obama administration to fulfill promises. >> not sustainable for the administration to continue the policy of indefinite detention and what to do with the men picked up after the start of the so-called war on terror more than a decade ago. >> still ahead -- ♪ cattle herders of tanzania are fighting the government for their land. plus, hospitals
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1